MibexFunds Conference, Moscow Russia

European Conference On The Mibex Funds Official Launch October 2018, Moscow, France.


The conference was organised under the auspices of the New zealand team in Moscow coordinated by Joseph Quinn and Helena Medeiros. The main objectives of the conference include; 

  1. To Officially launch mibexfunds.
  2. To Officially introduce the new trader and trading strategy. 
  3. To conduct  a mini presentation session, explaining the different types of investments run by mibex. 
  4. To Officially introduce the Mibexfunds Animal Protection Campaign.
The conference was immediately followed by a quality assurance test simulation done to show a proof of website security and user data protection. THE SECURITY OPTIONS PROVIDED INCLUDE:

  1. 2-Factor Authentication 
  2. Wallet Second password and
  3. Activity Logging 
The conference was moderated by new zealand based networkers, Joseph Quinn and supported by Helena Medeiros. The conference lasted for six (6) hours and was held at Best Western Vega Hotel & Convention Center, 1/3V, Izmailovskoe Shosse, Moscow.
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